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Do You Want To Play Poker Game Without Using Any Money?

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Over the last few decades, Poker game of cards have become very popular. You can always play this game with your friends, family, as well as your neighbors whenever you have a friendly get together.

Nowadays, ever since internet has become an important part of our lives, free online poker no download is also available for playing such game. Usually money is needed for betting to play such game.

However, you can also find fortunately multiple ways to play this poker game without using any money too and still have very good time while playing the game.

Many of you may be just a casual poker player or you just like to enjoy the poker game without really investing any money, then you are free to use any of the most household items rather than investing your actual money.

Few of the common items that you can use can be any of the following.

Poker chips

Poker chips can be the closest thing that you can come across that can offer you the feel that you are really playing with your money.

Generally, most people prefer to play poker game with this method whether or not they are using money.

Money from any board game

Payday, Monopoly, and few other types of games which use currency can also be used rather than using your money.

Quite often they can be of different colors and also the exact amount is printed on them, hence they can be much easier to use. However, the problem is they usually are made out of paper, and hence can be easily blown away, ruined or torn.

Food and candy

To play a poker game by using food and candy can be a total fun. In case you use a small piece of candy as bet, then you can always end up with certain delicious treat after the end of the game.

Though many people may not take the game very seriously, as people will try to use whatever food that they have around them. however, make sure that you do not eat all your winnings till the game is completely over.

Beads, crystals or any other similar items

In case you have plenty of beads or such other items, then you can always use all those to your poker game by using them as well. All these items will not stack easily, and also it is difficult to recall their denominations unless they are noticeably different.

So, better to remember how each one will stand for, and if required, make their chart.


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