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Wear Your Confidence with the Right Dress Code on Your Next Visit to a Casino

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Many casinos follow a dress code which as a guest you might need to follow. If you are visiting high-end casinos, then you need to gel and look confident.

Appearances Do Matter

The above statement holds whether you are a spectator or about to play casino table games. If you have just begun your casino journey, then you might want to try your luck at table games in popular casinos such as Angels of the Winds Casino Resort located in Arlington, Washington. This casino resort boasts about a variety of table games such as roulettes, three card pokers, craps and, baccarat.

If you are attending a specified event at Angels of the Winds Casino Resort, then formals are a must.

Some things for men to look out for would be:

  • White tie or black tie is a must if you plan to attend the white tie or black tie night out.
  • You can either wear a black suit with matching pants.
  • A white shirt with wing collars with white or gray gloves.
  • Black formal shoes with matching socks.

If you are a woman, then you can wear an evening dress with matching gloves, shoes and jewelry. If you are attending a semi-formal event, the dress code for men is the same as above except for the shirt color. You can wear a conservative color such as navy blue, dark red, burgundy or black.

In the case of business formal, you can wear what you wear for work both for men and women. If you are attending a business casual event, then you can wear casual shirts, sport jacket complemented with loafers or shoes. Women can wear skirts, shirts or sweaters with matching pants or skirts. In the case of casual events, you can opt for a T-shirt without slogans, shorts paired with sneakers. Women can opt for sundresses, shorts, jeans and a T-shirt.

Etiquettes to be followed at Casinos

When you visit casinos like Angels of the Winds Casino Resort, not only will you have a fresh gaming experience, but it also has loads of fun. In addition to this, you might also need to keep in mind certain etiquettes like:

  • Ensure that you pay with cash only
  • Many casinos do not accept credit or debit cards
  • Practice discretion while tipping dealers
  • Ensure that you limit your alcohol intake so that you do not gamble recklessly
  • Stay away from squabbles and accusations


Dress codes and etiquettes are required to maintain the decorum of the casinos. It can also help avoid unwanted situations.